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6 years ago

Charging Over Usage of Data

Cox is the WORST!!!  My family and I are not home at least 12 hours a day!  I have been getting over usage data charges for the last 3 months...My bill went from $87, to $118 and now its $137!!  I am a single mom and I cannot afford this!  From what I understand Cox users are all on "shared network" so basically we share our internet service with our neighbors!!  So I am paying for my neighbors to use their internet....if they over use their data, I GET CHARGED!!!  This is not FAIR by any means and it should be stopped!!!  You are cheating us and basically robbing us!!!  I will be leaving Cox this week.!!!  

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    I don't work for Cox so I'm explaining this to make sense. First off you do not share your internet with your neighbors. Although anyone who lives at your residence and is using your internet connection are consuming internet data bandwidth. The problem is that Cox has capped your internet data usage and everyone else's at 1 Terabyte for each billing cycle (essentially one month). If you go over that 1 Terabyte data cap in one month Cox will charge you extra. This is what has happened to you. To find out how much data you are using you need to look at Cox's internet data usage meter after you login to their website. The data usage meter will show you how much data you've used per month in the past as well as your current data usage for the current month. I find the 1 Terabyte data cap to be too low especially for higher priced Cox internet packages such as Gigablast or Ultimate. With these same packages you still can't go over the 1 Terabyte cap otherwise you will be charged extra.

    You can pay a whopping $50.00 dollars more per month in addition to what you already pay for your internet service to actually get unlimited data usage. I find the data cap to be too low and so do too many others. If you do a google search you will find a lot of angry Cox internet customers. Cox's competition is limited to none in many locations so they take advantage of the situation. Essentially price gouging.