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5 years ago

CGM4141 Lights Question

I was curious regarding the light pattern on the back of my CGM4141. I do have the 2 ethernet ports plugged into a few wall jacks. Both ports have green lights (light on the left) that are blinking at the same rate/time. Additionally, there is a light above the coax that blinks white at the same rate/time. I have Gigablast service as well as Homelife. I am not familiar with this equipment, but most of the switches I deal with at work has the light on the left of the ethernet port light up solid green when plugged into (the link light) and a randomly blinking orange light (the activity light). Just trying to figure out if the light pattern I am seeing is normal.

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    Hello, it is important to be informed of what the lights mean and any meaning to the light blinking patterns. Please allow me to explain what all the lights mean on the modem.
    -The single white LED on top of the modem will illuminate continuously when the modem is successfully registered on the network, is online and fully operational.
    The LED on top:
    -Black-the device is off, in Power Save mode or has no power
    -Solid Amber-Initial power up and boot
    -Flashing Amber-Downstream-Registration
    -Flashing Green-Upstream-Registration
    -Solid Red-Error- Offline
    -Flashing Blue-WPS-WPS Mode
    -Amber and Green Flashes-Firmware Download-Download in progress

    The LED on top of the coaxial connection:
    -Solid White-MoCA is enabled-Only used when the modem is being used to deliver TV services.
    -Off-MoCA is not enabled-Not needed due to no TV services
    -Blinking White-Seeking MoCA network connection

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    does the unit work as advertised?

    i have the same unit & the only light you need to see is the on the lower right side as it runs thru re-boot or activation process.