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6 years ago

Certain emails not being received

Just curious if anyone else is experiencing this, but for numerous websites and companies (for example, Papa Johns, Escape from Tarkov, etc) I am not receiving password reset or account verification emails. I have already ensured they are not being blocked and even added a specific rule to keep their emails but nothing is coming through. I never had this issue with the classic webmail.

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  • Hi Jaeger, some customers reported this issue after being migrated to the new Cox Email platform. Have you logged into the online account associated with each of the missing emails to re-sign up for the email list? -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      Your question has no bearing on my issue. I cannot receive emails from these companies period anymore and it is only cox webmail that has this issue. The two I mentioned I cannot even access the accounts for because one needs a password change and the other is trying to send me a verification email to sign up in the first place but neither of them ever make it to my cox inbox despite multiple resend attempts. It has nothing to do with signing up for a mailing list.

      I never had this issue with the classic cox webmail.

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        Hi Jaeger. If you are having issues with not being able to access 2 email accounts, the best option is to log into the primary account, go to my profile, user and email accounts and reset the password and set up security question for each account so that you can reset the password right then without having to wait for a verification email. With regards to the companies that you can get emails from, please send an email to with the email addresses of the companies that you aren't receiving emails, the email address, the name on the account and the complete address and we will be glad to assist with getting this resolved. Thanks, Lisa - Cox Support Forums Moderator