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5 years ago

Can't send email with attachment added

When i go onto and try to send an email with an attachment it tells me that the attachment is too large but the file is only 60,000kb why can't I send attachments 

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    file is only 60,000kb

    It would be unusual for kilobits (Kb or kb) to be used as a measurement of file size, or even data transmission rate per second (ps) in recent years.  So, with "kb" referring to kilobytes (KB or kB) , your file size is approximately 60MB, which exceeds Cox's 25MB maximum message size limit by a considerable amount.

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    not a wonder the attachment is too big....

    600000 Kilobits (Kb) = 73.24 Megabytes (MB)

    fwiw: i can't send cox email pics much larger that 15meg total..

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      If OP's 60,000kb file (not 600,000) was actually measured in kilobits, it would have been under Cox's maximum message size limit.  60,000 kilobits is approximately 7.5MB. 

      File size is measured in bytes (KB=Kilobyte, MB=Megabyte).  Data transfer rate is measured in bits per second (Kbps=Kilobits per second, Mbps=Megabits per second).

      Since broadband became common, Kbps data transfer rate is less commonly used.