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2 years ago

Can't change gigablast SSID or password

I've upgraded to gigablast and tried to change my SSID and PW through the Cox Panoramic Wifi app to no avail. I keep getting a "Something went wrong" error and no one from "tech support" is knowledgeable or can help. One interesting thing is that they can see my modem is up and running but they can't connect to it despite it working. I literally got this upgrade as a gift to prevent me from canceling but this issue is making me want to go with another provider even more. Why do I bother? 

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    You can try a factory reset. What modem/gateway do you have? The white one or black one?  If black, hold down the reset button on the back under the coaxial connection for 10 seconds. If white, hold down the WPS button on the back (above the telephone ports) for 60 seconds. You need to hold it for a full 60 seconds otherwise it activates WPS.

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    Apps are supposed to make life easier.  Can you log directly into the router via with a browser?

    Band Steering wouldn't matter, would it?  I mean, the process to change should still look the same.

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    make sure you are using the primary ID to login and do that. If so, next step would be what WMO suggested, factory reset the pano modem.