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2 years ago

Can your inbound signal overload a cable modem?

We are only using wifi in the house from a cable modem through a wireless router.  The modem was connected via 2 three way splitters and an electronic  booster far from the modem connection.  I want to connect the modem at the entry point before the splitters and after the booster.  Can  too strong a signal damage the modem?

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    Not damage it but it might not work or not work well. Also a amp can amplify the noise in the line, making the signal worse even though the signal is stronger. Post the signal levels from for review. 

  • The signal will not likely damage the modem, but it may cause feedback and create a poor connection. Whenever possible, you want less splits and less amplification. - ChrisJ - Forums Moderator
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    It would also may help to know the model. We had a tech insert an Antronix MRA2-11 at the ingress, only for cable, and when he put it in he stated you "must never put it in series with a modem". That doesn't agree with the specs, but given that it is specified as +11.5 db nominal gain and my signal is already at about +14 (until I padded it down as an experiment) I suspect it was good guidance. Since I no longer use Cox Cable, the downfeed from the antenna in the attic now goes to it, and then it goes to the legacy cable feeds in the house.