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2 years ago

Can You Have Separate Cox Modems For Voice & Internet?

I have been having to reset or unplug the Cox voice/internet modem every day for a week now.  Usually, it's only the internet going down, but sometimes so does the phone.  Thus, I'm thinking of getting a new modem or modems.  I'd like to have a voice one downstairs and an internet one upstairs.  Is that possible? There are Cox jacks both upstairs and downstairs.  Downstairs is the Cox modem and a Netgear Nighthawk router.  Upstairs is a Netgear Wi-Fi Nighthawk extender. The landline is only used downstairs and the internet is only used upstairs.  I'm not sure this is a modem problem, though, since they repaved the streets last week, and I'm sure the Cox service boxes, which are only a few feet from the street, got vibrated badly.  I may call Cox about that, but figured one of the neighbors would have by now, if they were having problems, too.  I personally don't feel like getting into a Cox service call/visit situation right now.

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    I have separate modems and it works.  Connect the Internet modem first, get it online and then connect the telephone modem.