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5 years ago

Can someone help me analyse this WinMTR test to Google's DNS?

So since switching to Cox internet about 2 1/2 weeks ago my computer (connected via ethernet) has gotten much better ping and packet loss (0%) than we had with our old ISP. Even though most of the time my ping is great, I noticed that when I play online games I get occasional rubber banding or very quick ping spikes. 

I decided to test my connection with Google's DNS server because that would rule out any problems the actual server I was playing on had. No one else I was playing with seemed to get the ping spikes or rubber banding I was getting but I still wanted to make sure it wasn't the server f-ing up.

Everything looks spot on until the 5th and 6th hop. The 6th hop especially has a huge ping spike every time I do a WinMTR test. 

My 2 questions are:

1. Is this a problem I can fix with the lines going in my house/to the pole? Or is this happening because of something else going on.

2. Where is this IP address?


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