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2 months ago

Can I choose transition start date?

Is it possible to choose or delay the individual Cox/Yahoo transition conversion date?  Due to out of country travel plans over next month, it is impossible to deal with all the steps necessary for a successful transition.

The easiest would seem to allow a Cox customer to postpone for a month etc.  Or consider asking customer to accept or defer in an email when it gets close.  It's impossible for me to believe all of the "stories" posted here can be resolved if traveling in Europe or Spain, etc.  

Do we get toll-free telephone customer/tech support from all over the world to resolve issues?

PLEASE help!

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    You can transition to another provider now, unless you just REALLY want to keep your address. Gmail is a decent free option and MS 365 is a good paid option.

  • Hi John2222, there is not an ability to move individual accounts at selected dates.  We do not have dates when accounts will be moved, but hopefully yours will be completed by the time you travel.  If you find that you are unable to access your Yahoo Mail account for any reason following the migration.  You can always visit or call Yahoo Support at 1-866-562-7250 for assistance once you have logged into our webmail client and migrated to their servers have been completed.