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2 years ago

Can’t send or replay to emails while out of the USA - Cox, this is you’re technical fault. How is it fixed?

Hi.  Every other email client I use has no problem receiving, replying or sending email when I am out of the USA, going through foreign servers.

Why is Cox restricting access to Pop/SMTP to it's customers when they travel?

How do I fix this, ASAP!  Lots of important emails to respond to.

And please don’t suggest logging in to Cox Webmail with a browser, as you’ve somehow turned on PERMANENT TWO-STEP VERIFICATION, which I can’t verify because you use my landline at home as the code-delivery method.

Guess what - I’m not at home. 

What is the fix!!!?

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    I don't use 2FA but isn't there an option to update it?  This is...if you can access your account via OS IP.  If not, perhaps sending an email to Cox to update it for you.  Worth a shot. with Full Name and Complete Service Address.