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2 months ago

Bounce-back notification on deleted email account?

I did not choose to accept the forced transfer to Yahoo mail.  Instead, after receiving the surprise email from Yahoo one morning & being locked out of the webmail interface, I utilized Outlook to download my emails from the POP server and did my best to delete the account.  I say did my best because once you're locked out of webmail, the hotlink to "Delete email" under your email address on the Manage Users windows isn't there.  But support assures me it's deleted.

So my question is, why do I not receive a bounce-back notification (aka failed delivery message) when emailing that address from another account?

Useful answers, not just links to this page, much appreciated.  Thanks in advance!

Cox Cable & Internet Customer

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  • Hi Skip1, 


    I am not sure why you're not getting bounce back notifications but we'd be happy to also verify that the email has been deleted on our end. Please send us an email to Cox.Help@Cox.Com with your full name, address, email and link to this forums.  

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      Thanks SharielH. I tried as you suggested, but all I get is the same tired line that my email has been transitioned, and I should talk to Yahoo. Cox 'customer service' should have been better trained about this transition. On multiple occasions during the last week or so, I've received info that is just downright wrong. I am a patient man, but I am very dissatisfied.

      Do your technical support staff know how this transition actually works?

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        Hi Skip1,


        My name is Shaun and I will be assisting while Shariel is unavailable. I certainly apologize for the email issue you are experiencing. I can understand how frustrating it can be with anything regarding email. I have read through the thread and transcripts and believe there may have been some miscommunication. In one of the previous messages where the website was cited, the message where, "if you choose not to transition," is meant to advise users of procedures to retain their data before the actual transition occurs. In this case, the transition will occur no matter what from the Cox server to the Yahoo server, with or without any intervention from the user. The Yahoo Terms of Service and Privacy Policy is strictly for how to use their email service, not that you agree on the transition, itself. 


        In our system, it will reflect that email address has been transitioned to Yahoo, so therefore any and all email going forward would have been on their servers. Thus why email bounce-backs are not occurring because in actuality, you are still receiving emails, just on the Yahoo server now. If you wish to delete the email address completely, you would have to still log into the Yahoo interface and delete it from their site/server.  I hope that clears some things up.