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3 months ago

Blocking Port 21 for Residential Connection

I spoke with a rep who said COX can't block ports on their end, yet there are multiple articles about how they definitely block ports for everyone's protection.  I know COX is blocking my port 21, which yes, I know is not the most secure, but I use it securely enough for my extremely small business (1-person agency) out of my home office.  It worked fine, up until COX decided to start blocking it.  I know it's COX because I've dug through all of my router's and server's logs for hours and there is nothing about port 21 being blocked.  Moreover, I can reset the connection and it works from an outside source for a few seconds before being blocked again.  STOP BLOCKING MY PORTS!!

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      Darkatt wrote:

      verify it's not blocked on the router. 

      I think the best/easiest way to confirm that is to bypass the router and connect direct to the modem. Going through logs and/or websites to test isn't going to work all the time IMO.

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      I know you’re trying to help, but I don’t consider, “Pay $130 more for the same speed and convenience” to be a solution.  It worked for a week, until they figure out I was running a server and started blocking it.  Then the rep lied about even having that ability when multiple articles and reps in this forum confirm they do….NOT HAPPY.