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4 years ago

Blocking junk mail

I hate getting junk mail, but since I've exceeded the maximum number of items on my blocked list, I need to delete some of them in order to make room for the new ones. Where do I go to do it? Thank you in advance for your help.

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    Hi Rainy --

    Click the 'gear' icon at the upper right, pick setting.  Go to the inbox on the left (not the top!) and look for 'filter rules.'  When your rules open, Block Senders is at the top.

  • It’s hopeless.  I use Outlook 19 and I have created AT LEAST 13 different rules to block emails from Wild Alaskan, and NONE of them ever work.  Still ends up in my Inbox.  WHY DOES COX NOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT THAT?  I AM READY TO CONTACT LAW ENFORCEMENT AND A LAWYER.

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      i get 'em too, got one today. what do you really think l e is going to do?

      one click & they're gone, try it & take a breath.

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      JP --

      From the very recent post of mine on filters:

      On the subject of 'Alaskan Seafood' I have found this combination on any condition to work:

      • From Regex /alaskan/i
      • Subject Regex /(seafood|alaskan)/i
      • Body Regex /alaskan/i
      • File Into Select Folder Spam


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        I tried this and guess what?  Still got through.  UGH!!!!!!