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3 years ago

Blink Camera System on Cox Panoramic system

I recently upgraded to Cox panoramic internet. I can not get my Blonk Camera system to connect to my internet. The camera system worked great before I changed. Anyone has success connecting the Blink camera system to Cox panoramic internet? If so, how did you do it?

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    Are you using a different SSID (network name) if so make sure it is updated on the camera?

    Jonathan J
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    Same, I upgraded to Panoramic CGM4331 modem, everything in the house connects except the Blink Sync Module.

    I separated 2.4g and 5g with different SSID Names making sure no special characters in name.

    i turned off 5g , change IP range of DHCP.

    even tried turning off WEP-AES, nothing has worked.

    I get a red light on Blink sync monitor when trying to connect.

    if i look at connected devices in Router setup i see it, but Blink setup fails.