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2 months ago

Billing Issues / Ignored by Rep in Chat

So I've been with Cox for the last 12 years and recently had an issue with my bill.

I tried calling to see if I could get a resolution but it was outside of their hours.  So I tried to use the chat feature Saturday, June 1st.  After speaking to an Agent I was told they were transferring me to the Retention Department and was promptly forgotten about for over 30 minutes before I finally got tired of waiting and ended the chat.

As we speak right now, I attempted to reach out to the chat again and have again been ignored.

So now, on top of the issues I've been having with interrupted service and unilateral changes to my bill without any explanation or added value to my service, I am adding this to the growing pile of things Cox has been doing poorly.

I've attached a log of the chat in case you would like to see the level of customer service I've received.


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    In case the image isn't showing, the log just shows the Agent asking about my wanting to speak to Retention and then my response reiterating what I said in my post above and then no response from the agent.

    Still in the chat by the way, 45 minutes since the first response from the Agent and nothing since.

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      Hello Kylah, 

      This forum is primarily intended to discuss technical issues among peers. Resolving billing and account issues requires the sharing of sensitive information, which isn't best suited for a public forum. Please email us at with this post, your full name, and your complete address. 

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    Don't bother with chat unless you need help rebooting your modem.  For resolution of billing issues, you need to call Cox Billing during business hours.  If you don't want to call in to Cox, contact and include your full name, service address, a description of your issue and a link to this discussion.