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4 years ago

Average 150 mbps down on Gigablast

I’ve been averaging 100-150mbps downloads for months now, even after I upgraded to Gigablast. I’ve contact COX multiple times on the app and been told that my modem (which I own) is responding slowly to their signal. 

I contacted Arris support (at COX suggestion) and they said that my modem’s downstream and upstream power, and signal to noise ratio are out of optimal level. Their conclusion is that COX signal is too weak and needs to be increased. 

So I contact COX tech support again and give them the information from Arris. The tech tells me that the signal looks good in their end and that my modems power snd noise levels are great. Uh... what the heck? 

I asked the tech how the signal could look good when the modems stats aren’t optimal (and I’ve logged into the modem and checked them myself)... and I kid you not... the tech says that COX uses different parameters than the manufacture. Even though the modem I own is approved and authorized by COX to be used with their service. 

I have a service call tomorrow and they tell me that if they determine there is nothing wrong with their signal that I will get charged $75. 

Im so close to cancelling my service. The competitor doesn’t offer comparable speeds but they are half the price for the speeds I’m only getting now.

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    It's true. Cox's specifications take precedence over the manufacturer's specifications. Post your signals if you want others to offer their opinions on what the problem might be.

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      That responce absolutely ** the big one.  But has been the typical responce of passing the buck at every turn for the last few years with Cox. Cox offers inferior wifi products then when you have to switch to other products to get an up grade and you buy what they say works, even if it the same exact product they offer to rent to you, they won't give you the specifications to set the product up correctly to get the full services you pay for.  I had to blow a service technician to get my equipment set up correctly.  I suggest hanging around the back gate of the office in a bikini holding a six pack of beer and shaking a bag of cookies and you attract one or two who know what they are doing.   I guess it must be one of the ways they must use to get their technicians laid now a days.  After the fifth technician I learn how to stop and catch Cox lowering my speeds on my modem too.  Also how to prove in a court of law, so the next time they do so from the back end,  I  got them and I will finally get rich off of a cox.

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    Are your quoted download speeds your WiFi speeds or your ethernet speed via the router?