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5 months ago

Attempts to phish Cox email


I received two phishing emails claiming to be from Cox.  Where can I forward them to?  

Thank you.

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      Thank you for responding.

      No can do.  Immediate error in reply:

      Sending of the message failed.
      An error occurred while sending mail. The mail server responded:  <> message rejected. Refer to Error Codes section at for more information. AUP#CXSNDR. Please check the message and try again.

      Send email without any attachments with no problem.

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        Are you attempting to send this mail when using a non-Cox IP address/connection? I have seen this type of error usually occur when attempting to send email from an IP address that does not support SPF as that error code indicates. You may want to trying sending when connected to a different connection or home internet connection when possible. Make sure there are no VPN's or anything of that nature turned on either as that can cause this as well.



  • Sorry but it's not worth the bother.  Thank you for responding.  Cannot see any "forward as attachment" option in the updated webmail interface. 

    I guess I can be happy I don't click links in email messages.  If companies like Cox were serious about preventative security through reporting and pursuing phishing attempts, customers wouldn't be confronted by changed interfaces and deal with frustrating errors when trying to utilize a system that amounts to little more than a placebo button.

    The bad players on phishing expeditions exist outside the reach of those with the authority to act- assuming such parties even exist.

    Emails deleted.