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2 years ago

Arris SBG7400AC2 USB Drive Connection

I've seen posts that modems rented from COX do not support attached USB drive network access.  Is that also true for my customer purchased Arris SBG7400AC2?  The device apparently does not "see" any attached USB device.

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    Do you mean if your device, such as a laptop, has a USB-to-Ethernet adapter?  I don't see a USB port on this modem/router.

  • Cox does not have any control over the USB port for a third party modem. You may need to enable file sharing according to their website, I'm not sure if it is turned on by default

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      That's what I would have expected, but I've followed the directions multiple times as shown in the directions you linked to with multiple USB devices/configurations.  When I get to the File Sharing tab there is NOTHING SHOWING under Available Share Folders. It's just not seeing it. If you're saying it's not COX blocking that port, then I'll take that as an answer and pursue a different solution.