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5 years ago

Any way to fight data usage charge?

I live in AZ six months a year.  So for six months we are not here there is practically zero data usage.  While we are here our typical usage is about 750 GB.  However, two months ago and this month, we have received the warning that our data usage has reached 85%.  Luckily we are only three days to the end of our month period so both times we didn't go over the 1024 GB limit.

My point is that if we do go over the limit for a month (the grandkids are visiting soon) I will fight any overage charge and if they insist on making me pay, I will simply cancel.  Luckily, where I live there is another option I can switch to for internet.

I understand, if they want to put limits on their data, but it's just seems stupid to annoy good customers who use on average less than 400 GB per month for the year, just because they go slightly over for one month.  If they can't figure that out and have the flexibility to work with those customers, then they have problems.

So I wondered if anyone has had any luck with getting them to change their mind about a charge for overage of data?

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    if you go over, you go over....doesn't matter if it's a brother-in-law either.

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    I think most people don't understand the amount of electricity that is required to run the ISP datacenters. Of course the ideal way to handle data usage would be to have some kind of a gradual scale where you start getting charged less for less usage and charged more as you go over the average. how to institute that ? no idea. just my humble opinion. I think most other companies are the same way when it comes to the data cap.