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3 years ago

Another Victom od DATA usage Scam

Cox will not allow me to do a copy and paste to provide you all the info that proves the Cox Data Scam is on the move and I am a victim of it. Much like I have read of other victims experiences...I am going through the same... no resolution other than...they want me to spend more money... I have had cox cable for more than 20 years and have never experienced anything such as this. I have no gaming system, no computer, no lap top. just a television, 2 phones and an alexa which I have been told by 2 internet cox representatives that this is all minimum usage. They go back into my history and see no spikes, no overages and now all of a sudden since I joined a discount government program...My usage is now over and im being charge overage fees. this is outrageous... Never have I ever in the million years that Ive been with Cox have I went over. So Ive looked into this and so many other people are having the same issue. A class action suit has been discussed. Anyone else have any information on this? No one from cox wants to get to the bottom of this...they simply want to sell me a router and/or charge me $29.99 for additional wifi usage. PLEASE HELP. Single mother here...I cant afford this treatment. 

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      Either the FCC Affordable Connectivity Program (previously known as Emergency Broadband Benefit) or 1 of the Cox data plans:  Connect2Compete or ConnectAssist.

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