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5 months ago

Another person opened a cox account in my address

I been living at the same address almost a decade I already have had my internet say “privacy warning” even after changing my passwords when it comes to security breaches I been on the phone with cox for hours today I opened my mail and found a cox envelope of course expecting it to be mine I found on march 1 2024 a new account was opened under my address from a person I’ve never even heard of when I called a lady named”Shawn” said she couldn’t get in to the account number on the envelope to my address  because “she can’t go in Without consent” she did assure me my account was the only active account but I’m unsatisfied as why a person I’ve never even heard of CAN set up and have a account under my address and that in itself scares me as I’ve already dealt w hackers and security breaches under cox 


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  • Hello. For account specific concerns, I recommend sending an email with your full name, address, and a brief description of this concern to 

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    The same just happened to me. I received 2 bills, both in different names but with my address. No money was due on either of them. I just got off a chat with H. Miller who told me the accounts that I gave her the numbers too, are closed and they were previous owners/renters at my same address. My home was built in 1965 so it makes sense. The thing I was most on is that IO've lived here 25 years know and never before received said peoples bills ever. So chalk it up to computer glitch.