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3 years ago

Agents who don’t do what they say

Why is there no way to verify or look back at a chat conversation? I ask for a transcript and never get it. A couple days later I’m told oh there’s no record of your conversation with Miller and your bill is past due. I literally have the history on my computer to back me up, but there’s no record of my payment arrangement with Miller from May 17th. How is it possible to complete an entire survey but there is no record of it. I specifically called two days in advance so I wouldn’t get a late fee and here we are. No one knows anything but it’s my fault that the agent who gave me first June 2nd then June 6th for the dates didn’t do clearly anything right. Please just disconnect and I’ll go to a company that can do the job. It makes no sense that EVERYTIME I call the offices are closed but I can chat with someone. Then the chat reps don’t even respond if they don’t want to. This is how you treat customers? I don’t understand how there is no way to pull up any information from a 30 minute chat. 

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