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4 years ago

Ads on Webmail for paying customers?

I find this strange that we have ads on our Webmail access even though we're paying customers. It also makes me wonder how strong the security is.

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    I don't see any ads, but if you do and don't want to see them, click the "Show/Hide Ad" arrow on the right side of the Inbox.

    The Cox Webmail connection is secure.

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    Thank you for reaching out to the Social Media Team. Cox provides location-based advertising to its users to provide a personalized experience while surfing the internet. This feature helps deliver offers and incentives from national brands and local businesses with content tailored to the customer's area You can always opt out of location-based advertising

    Thank you.

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      Cox provides

      But you refuse to provide the original choice to personalized, incentivized and tailor our surfing.  You rudely force us to opt-out with your default opt-in.  if ads are so wonderful, shouldn't we decide to opt-in?

      I'm gonna dump my trash on your lawn until you opt-out from this "tailored" experience.