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add VPN to panoramic wifi gateway brand technicolor model cgm4140com

is it possible to add something like ExpressVPN service to this modem/router?

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    It should work with the ExpressVPN App on one PC but there is no native support for the router itself. If you needed full router VPN, your best bet would to use a retail router somehow. One of these. There are a couple ways to do that. Either bridge your gateway, buy your own modem or swap to a phone modem(eMTA) if you have phone service with Cox. I can go into more detail depending on which one your interested in.

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    Why use a vpn anyways. It can cause issues with email, is slows you down, and in all honesty, you really gain nothing, except lost money paid to the vpn provider. 

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      This is very true as geolocation is now a part of account security but a good VPN does get you around the pornhub block in VA.

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        XVideos don't care.