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3 years ago

ACP customer with 100MB download and up to $30 per month

Here is the link for the news.

I know COX increased speed for two programs with 100MB download speed.  However, not all ACP customers are qualified for those two programs. I just want to ask when COX will offer those ACP customers with 100MB download speed and up to $30 per month, who are not qualified other two programs and are qualified ACP. I asked on Facebook message. No reply was received in two weeks.

Please solve the problems

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    I asked this question one month ago. I did not get the solution.

    The government guideline requires all ISPs provide ACP customers with  up to $30 per month with 100MB download speed. I did contact  He/ she provided this link

    Not ALL ACP customers are qualified for ConnectAssist and Connect2Compete. In other words, we have more customers for ACP. Please provide the price and download speed for all ACP customers based on the white house guide line.

  • The ACP program does not depend on any specific level of service. If approved for the ACP benefit, you will receive a $30.00 discount/deduction on your monthly internet bill no matter what level of service that you subscribe to.

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