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3 years ago

ACP benefit dead end

If you applied for the Affordable Connectivity Program through the government website you will find Cox has no ability to credit your account with the monthly benefit. After you apply and are approved you will receive and email from the government with your benefit code number and instructions to contact your internet provider with the benefit code number. I have contacted Cox on 5 attempts to get that benefit code added to my account.

Cox support team members will redirect you to

That ACP link is for new applications only. There is nowhere on that page to enter your benefit code number. By rules of the program you cannot file a duplicate application or will be disqualified. I have called the ACP support line which is a no humans and no support push button dead end. I have even offered to forward my approval email with my code and instructions to the Cox billing team, they are not interested. You will find this process to be and endless loop of no help from Cox or ACP.

I am considering the option of filing a complainant with the FCC as a I have hit a dead end.

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    Update:  Applying for the ACP benefit at is a waste of time and taxpayer monies. You must apply at your service providers webpage even if already approved by the application.

    The application managed by is slow and overloaded. It took me 8 attempts over 3 days to get the approval. If you have the correct document for approval keep trying the process. It will eventually complete...I suppose.

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    Send an email to with the following:
     - Full Name
     - Complete Address
     - URL of This Post

    Calling Cox seems fruitless nowadays.