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5 years ago

Accessing my router remotely


It seems my Firestick is not working properly and I would need to access the router remotely because I am out my house and my wife doesn't know how to fix this problem. 

The firestick is connected to the 5GHz wifi and I have been reading that it needs to be configured in a certain way so Firestick works better.

How do I change the wifi channel to operate between 36 to 48 or 149 to 165?

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    If you have Panoramic, you can use the Cox MyWiFi app.  If you don't, you'd need to configure your router locally to enable remote management.  That'd probably include configuring for a Dynamic DNS address.

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    what router do you have ?  can your install software?  If she can I would suggest a remote desktop software then you could login into the pc then set the router up