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5 years ago

Access to certain websites and web content on other sites

We have lost access to some major commercial websites  to include as example, FOXNEWS.COM . We are also seeing blocked content within facebook accounts that are accessed through our COX internet service. I have called Cox Support several times and they tell me everything is fine from their end but can't see friend postings and picutes on facebook and other sites have blocked content. It has to be something that Cox did as I have no problem when using Verizon service on my cell phones but as soon as I connect using my Cox service , it all goes in the toilet. You can suggest that my wifi router is culprit but NOTHING HAS BEEN CHANGED on that device. I checked. Also tried to access using serveral different computers and operating systems with same results. BLUF: It seems to be a problem with Cox. Yes, Facebook is up because I can access it via my cell phone. THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON SINCE 24 Jan 2020. 

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        Hey all,

        Both of your cases are being escalated now. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. When we receive additional information, we will be following up. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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    I am having the same issue in Virginia beach. I can only access some websites if I connect to my hot spot.

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    I too, am having the same issues.  Zip code is 23606 Newport News.  I had to use my phone today to pay all my bills because half the websites won't load. (dominion energy)

    I'm sure there are more but this is what I can remember off top of my head. 

  • Just a follow-up, this was corrected as of the 28th.

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