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7 years ago

552 5.2.0 bounce error sending group emails!

I'm using Outlook 2016 (Office 365).  I've have had no problems receiving emails or sending emails during this last security change by Cox.

HOWEVER, today as I do each Sunday, I tried to send a short email announcement to a group of our church choir members, the number is 33.  The email got bounced back with Error 552 5.2.0 internal errors.

Through trial and error, I discovered that if I break my email into groups of 9 choir members or less, the email is delivered ok.  But 10 or more recipients and the everything is rejected.

Why is the Cox limiting me to sending emails to church friends of only 9 or less?  It's not a spam email.  If it were, the group-of-less-than-10 would have been rejected as well.

Cox, we need some flexibility here.  I belong to several social groups, all larger than 9.  HELP!  How about an exclusion list for verified customers?  (I've been Cox cable subscriber for 40 years, even before it was Cox)!

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