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26 days ago

2.5G wired connection

I just signed up for the 2 Gig plan. I received a "PW8 Panoramic WifiGateway" and have connected it. And...I have a connection.

My use case requires my own router that I can adjust as needed. My current router is 1G capable - so I believe I'm limited to 1G. However - I'm willing to invest in a 2.5G capable router if the modem is compatible. I believe I read somewhere that ethernet port 4 on the Panoramic device is 2.5G. I'm asking if indeed this is so and can I get the full speed accordingly?

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    No.  You can use your own router.  I have 2gb service and use my own Ubiquiti Unifi router.  I was recently upgraded to fiber service.  They left a wifi router, but it is still in the box.   Even when I was on cable Internet based service, I used my own Arris modem and my own router.  You can use the existing pre owned router even if it is only at one gig to test.  Remember, most devices cannot do 2gb.  If you have wired switches, they would need to be switched out.   

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      Thank you. I'll pull the trigger on a router then - probably a MikroTik RB5009UG+S+in (because I'm most familiar with MT products). Though I'm open to considering options.

      Is there a reason you're using the Arris instead of the provided unit - and just set it to bridge mode?