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5 months ago

12+ hour outage - Omaha, NE

So our service has been out for over 12 hours now. They kept pushing back the repair time and no there is no expected time at all. I just want to know why the outage is lasting so long and when it will be fixed.

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    I am experiencing the same exact issues as you in Omaha. The lack of transparency in the communication is frustrating. I am in the same boat of just wanting to know exactly what the issue is and when a resolution can actually be expected. 

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    Email support gave me an estimated time but the app doesn't reflect that timeframe so I am skeptical. I truly don't get why cox has communication black outs (apart from them not having serious competition here).

  • Hi, I apologize you are experiencing an extended outage. Please reach out to us privately with your account info including your full street address and a link to this forum post our email address is