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3 months ago

Yahoo Email

Why is Cox ditching our email service? Yahoo is trash.  I'm already seeing an uptick in spam, also ads are popping up when I change mailboxes. Yahoo will also have ZERO customer service. Do we get a discount if we're not being provided with email????

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  • Hi,  As of August 2019, Cox stopped offering new email accounts to current and new customers. We did these because few customers were using our email service and there are increasingly abundant free email services like Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo that are more available than ever. We have continued to support customers who created email accoutn before this time and want the customers to be able to keep their Cox email addresses. But with fewer customers still using our email accounts it makes sense to transition the management of these accounts to another email provider. 

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      Yahoo has a history of getting hacked multiple times.  I lost my Yahoo email account to a hacker, even.  Of all of the services to migrate to why did it have to be that one?