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5 years ago

Why does my email switch to "Not Secure" when I open an email?

When I sign in to email, the connection is secure, but as soon as I open an email it shows "Not Secure".    I followed some help links which told me I need to make some changes in my settings, but I don't know where to find the place to make the changes.  This is worrisome to me because I use email for all of my paperless billing and payments.

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    How are you signing into email...browser or client?  If you're using an email client, what is it?  What is reporting "Not Secure?"

    If you're using WiFi with a good encryption standard (WPA2), you would be well-protected from snoopers.  In addition, if you've changed your encryption key from the manufacture's default, you're better protected.  In addition, again, if you're using a good encryption key (upper, lower, numbers, specials, 12+), you're even more better protected.

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    "need to make changes", i see it when i log into cox, click on the "how to/more link) to set up.