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6 years ago

Why cant I view all the content in the Investigation Discovery App?

I have been using the IDgo Investigation Discovery app for well over a year now with no issues or problems.  I sign into my Cox account through the app and I am able to view all content up until the last 5 days.  Now, when I want to view a locked program, it takes me to the Cox login, I log in as always and I am given a message that says "Your Cox settings do not include this content."  What happened?  I pay a lot of money for Cox, my subscription does include Investigation Discovery and I want to be able to view all the content on the app.  Please Advise!!

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  • Hi Pooteroy,

    Are you able to confirm your account information is correct when you sign into our website to view My Profile? If the information is correct there, then I recommend uninstalling the IDGO App and restart your device and install the App again. I just downloaded the App to my Android device and was able to view a locked icon after selecting Cox as the provider and signing in with my primary Cox credentials. Please share your findings with us after these steps.

    Thank you,

    Cox Support Forums Moderator