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Why can't I schedule and watch my DVR recordings from the Contour app on my iPhone and iPad?

On my former DISH account, I could watch any program recordings I had on my DVR from anywhere in the world. I also had the capability to set up recordings as well remotely. Delete them as well. The Contour app shows what programs I have recorded, but I can't access them. What's the point of that?!

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    Cox Contour is garbage. We can never get shows recorded on the DVE to be watched outside of the house. What’s the point t of using it if I am at home and I can just watch on my TV. Worthless app. We are canceling to move to Hulu and their cloud DVR that truly allows u the ability to watch from anywhere on any device. 

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      Hi @AZ Tempe,

      We have two kinds of DVR's: A Cloud DVR that requires the rental of our Panoramic Wifi Modem, and a regular DVR which physically stores your content on the cable box. When you have the regular DVR you are not able to access your content outside of your home. When you have the Cloud DVR you are able to access your content with your Contour App. Here is a link for more information: .

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