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9 months ago

Webmail Issues

What's up w/ webmail? No actions act as they should. Send mail to trash and it gets re-entered in the inbox. That's just one of many problems. Impossible to use now.


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    That will happen with a Webmail filter rule having an action of "Copy into" Trash.  It could appear the message was sent to Trash and got "re-entered" in the Inbox.  What actually happens is, this filter rule creates a copy of the message in the Trash folder.  The original goes to Inbox the same as it would without a filter rule.

    Find the "Copy into" Trash filter rule and change the action to "File into" Trash.  Messages will then go to Trash but not to Inbox.  If you're sure you don't want to see these messages, change the action to "Discard" and you'll never have to see them in Webmail at all.

    Settings (gear) > All settings ... > Inbox > scroll down to Rules 

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