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6 years ago

webmail app

Why is your web mail app so poor?

Items keep going in the spam folder that are in my address book. This is repeated problem and you are not solving foe me.

The opening of web mail app is so unpredictable. This means that I have 50/50 chance the app will open or just hang . this happen on multiple computers.

Your implementation of this app is one of the worst things I have seen. I have a comcast  account and they appear to use the same app and ther works so well and smoth. Nothing like what I get from Cox web mail.

Please fix.

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  • Hi Wboyce2, how do you access your Cox Webmail? Are you logging in from or You might consider using a third-party email client like Outlook, Mac Mail, or Windows Live Mail instead of accessing email through Webmail. Some customers have reported that moving to an email client has improved their email experience. Make sure that you are marking valid emails delivered to your Spam folder as "Not Spam." If emails from specific senders continue to go to your Spam folder, set up a rule to move mail from those senders to your Inbox. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator