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Weather and Clock App.Removal Decision

I too am disappointed with the near-sighted decision making process and lack of communication with this company. They do not seem at all concerned with customer care or customer service. I had hoped they had turned the corner when I went back to them however, I continue to be disappointed.  While I understand that they may not be completely in control of 3rd party applications, they certainly are in control of their communication processes and ability to look for replacements. I find their explanations insulting. 

 And I hope my security functions don't happen to get "cancelled" in an emergency situation without me knowing it..

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    Hi Lee, as the largest private telecom company in the US, Cox strives to be a leader in customer satisfaction. We apologize for having made you angry or frustrated, and this is not our intention. The Clock App, as well as other third-party apps, are no longer available. As the industry continues to grow, Cox is always looking at ways to improve product functionality. These types of removals allow for future product improvements. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator