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4 years ago

Watching a recorded program on the Contour App?

Contour app will not enable you to watch a recorded program from your account - does anyone else find this atrocious? Cox says - too bad you can’t do that - so other than watching a live program or setting up a recording schedule - limited value. So many friends are encouraging me to switch providers, frustrated in the Zona!!!

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  • Hi FrustraredinAZ, We are beginning to offer Cloud DVR service that can be viewed on a cable box and through the app while connected to your home network. This will likely require a different cable box. I would recommend reaching out to our sales department they will be able to discuss the differences and what will be needed to get this set up on your account.

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      Don’t quite get the technical complexities of your solution - if I can see my account and list of recorded programs  through the app, why wouldn’t you fix the technical issue and enable viewing vs requiring me to change the box (most likely to have to pay increased fees - just follow the money to find the answer)  - TiVo had this figured out 15 years ago.... don’t quite understand your comment about - “can be viewed on a cable box and through the app while connected to your home network” - as an international traveler I simply want to be able to view what I have recorded while I am accessing the app through a network connection....would appreciate any comments on this - Cox tech support has simply said - can’t do it....

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        Hi @FrustraredinAZ

        Our Cloud DVR service requires you to have a Panoramic Wifi Gateway that will act as the host box for your television signal. Seeing your recorded shows through the Contour app will only work if you have a Cloud DVR. As it stands at the moment your shows are saved locally/physically on the hard drive of your DVR. There is no way for an app to access the hard drive of DVR to play the file/content. You are able to see the name of the file/show but you are not able to access the content because it is physically saved on the device. With the Cloud DVR, the file/content is saved in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere. I hope this clarifies.

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