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3 years ago

Unburied line for over 5 years now Cox wants to do more work without burying the first line

My name is Jerry Beall,   I have an unburied line in my back yard that has been there at least 5 years.  In April  I did a lot of yard work and clean up and discovered the line was running on top of the ground.  My saga starts back in April, I have contacted customer service numerous times to no avail. No one seems to want to take responsibility to get this line buried.   Now I have cox, sub contracting out to have a different line running between my box in my backyard to my neighbors box in his backyard that they want to bury.  For one, there will be No work done in my yard until the original cable that has been unburied for several years gets buried. Two, I maintain and take care of my lawn and my neighbor does not care for his lawn, if your going to bury a line the length of the properties bury it on his side of the fence. I have checked and the easement runs on his side of the fence also. I have tried to get someone to contact me and explain the new work that they want to do will no avail.  At this point my gates are locked and No Trespassing signs posted.  If anyone wants on my property they have to talk to me or they will be trespassing, I have already contacted an attorney with this on going problems. I just want the original  cable buried, I don’t think it should be such an issue, also I bet if you wanted to gain access to my neighbors yard he wouldn’t mind and then you wouldn’t have to deal with me.


Jerry Beall


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    I am sorry to hear you have had such experiences. If you haven't already email social media please send your full name and address to so we can investigate. Thanks!

    Jonathan J
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