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2 months ago

two Cox emails - can get to only one thru Cox site

When I open Cox email in my browser it used to let me choose which email address to go to, especially to see incoming emails.  Now it doesn't, it defaults to one of them. This is on my computer (Windows 10 capable). Luckily the one I can't see on the computer is the default one on my iPhone, but I'd like to be able to access both on my computer (bigger screen and able to use ten fingers). 

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  • AZSteve 


    It sounds like at some point you had added a second account to one of your inboxes. Do you know which account that would have been? You can sign into each account in webmail to check your settings by clicking the settings wheel, choosing All Settings in the menu and on the settings Panel, click Accounts on the left to see if a secondary account is listed under Your Accounts. If no account is listed on either, you can always add the second account back to one of them. Is there anything else I help with today?

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    AZSteve  Had the same question but now see we can log directly into Webmail using the secondary email/user id and corresponding password.  Back in the day you had to go through the primary email account to get to secondary account.  The accounts  now look independent of each other.