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6 years ago

Two Contour Remotes

My wife and I each sit in a recliner to watch TV.  We obtained two contour remotes. Both wirked for about 8 months until sonething wierd occurred? and they would not work, but for minimal reliability. We has service person cone out to fix a separate issue with Modem. When we told him about our problem with dualling remote use he said we cannot use both since they intefere wuth each other. Now we are miserable without independently being able to change channels. ???

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    If you used different but functional manufacture codes to pair each remote, I could understand the interference.  If they're transmitting the same code, it should still work as it had for the previous 8 months.

    If you guys were playing "war" with the remotes, you probably jammed the IR receiver, if that could even happen.  I'd power-cycle both the TV and cable box for a few minutes to clear any corrupt instruction, again, if that could even happen.

    If that doesn't work, exchange the box and 1 remote.  That's the benefit to replacements.