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6 years ago

Thank's ekhawaii!

I was unable to reply to your post, and had to start a new one.

Anyway, that worked just as you described.

And FWIW, the program played back in English.


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  • MarkW....glad that that SAP slider worked on your phone too.  Since I only tried watchtv, I thought it might be related.  During  my emails to Cox, they were suggesting the CC, or other buttons on that icon.  This issue is also posted on the TV Forum site of this Forum.  Cox has a ticket CUI000008292144 for the watchtv....not sure if there is a bugzilla type link to follow. 

    What is strange is that some big time users don't have problems ( like CurtB on the TV site with Chrome).  You should also try the watchtv site, at least the screen is bigger.  

    I think that anyone out there with sound issues on certain channels, either on watchtv or cell App, should at least give the SAP or Video Description slider a try., even CNN,  Sometimes the SAP still just plays back in English too.