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4 years ago

Technical errors on web site

In 2018, I had to replace my Cox  cable modem. I returned the old cable modem. I then noticed in a day or two that my data usage showed my old vable modem and my new one. I contacted Cox over and over but nothing was ever done. Finally after more than a year it went away. Redux 2020. Same thing I had to replace my Cox cable modem. The first one I got was not reinitialized properly, so I had to get another replacement. After about a day or so, I was back to showing two cable modems. This was in September 2020. Since then I have repeatedly called Cox Tier two (Backoffice also worked on it). I finally cancelled the ticket because they never did  did anything on it. That was done 01/20/20. So if I ever have to get another replacement cable modem, I know that I will have at least two cable modems listed for a year or longer. This is just a brief statement of what has happened. I would like to file a complaint about tech support for this. Please contact me about this!!