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5 years ago

Steps to reset your modem via the new App?

Anyone have the steps to reset your modem via the new App?  It used to be easy, now it's buried somewhere...and the only thing I need from the App.

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  • If you're referring to the Cox App, use the following steps:
    After signing in to the Cox App, the main screen is displayed. Click the right-pointing arrow in the shaded section labeled "My Internet/Cox High Speed Internet". Scroll down to the modem section. Underneath the make, model, and MAC address of your modem is a "Reset Modem" option. Clicking on this option should open a browser window and take you to Click on the blue "Reset Modem" button. You should receive a green checkmark and a confirmation message once your modem has begun the reset process.
    -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator