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7 years ago

Slow Myemail App Suite

Your Myemail App is a complete failure for your customers. We pay way too much for your deteriorating software. The Suite fails to load 80% of the time and keeps asking me to reload it,  and when it does load, it takes at least 5-10 minutes to see the emails. I've been a cox user since the 90's but I see that cox doesn't care about the customer service or the quality of thew serv ices they provide.. I tolerated your email service which was marginal at best, but I never had problems seeing my emails until you started migrating me to MyEmail App Suite. Are you guys crazy! Why put in a lousy app that prevents people from seeing their email? Have you ever heard of Customer satisfaction? I'm not sure you understand the gravity of this for a college professor with hundred of students,. If you spent less money advertising your services, maybe you could hire more professional software engineers. in the meantime I'm here waiting for my email to load. Can anyone help? 

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    Hi Ramsand, are you experiencing the issue with a particular browser or any browser you try? -Mary