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7 years ago

received an email from cox webmaster

Today I received the following email:

Dear Email Owner

This is to inform you that your email address is currently suspended from receiving new email address due to maintenance, to resolve issue, please click on the below link and login to activate your email address.

click here to activate your email

Failure to activate your email with in 24 hours, your email address will be deleted from our database.

Thank You
Cox Webmaster

Since I can still log into my cox email account, this email is likely spam and probably dangerous.  Has anyone else received similar email?


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  • Hello,

    We can look into this issue for you. Please send us an email with your full name, address, and the email as an attachment so we can help. 


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator. 

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    Stop, just STOP telling people to email you. What's the point? Are you shy and don't want to talk online? If so, why did you become a moderator? Are you super busy? Do you just not care? Do you get paid per answered post? You are making Cox look bad, so PLEASE stop.

  • I got something like this from "American Express". It's fake. The tipoff is the poor English grammar.

    What the heck does "suspended from receiving new email address due to maintenance" mean?

    It is called a phishing attack. They want you to enter your Cox user ID and password and they will collect it and sell it.

    They likely registered a domain name with a confusingly-similar name. If the company cares (Cox, American Express, whatever) and has their security and legal acts together, they can get the domain taken down for fraudulent activity.

  •  Send, with full headiers if you can ( consult your email client for how to...or google) to  also ( a national organization)

    inget this ** all the time. It's fun when it comes from banks I don't have accounts at. would think that cox spam filter would prevent it from coming to you...or is it just me?