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10 months ago

Not receiving two factor authentication in a time to verify identity.

So, what now?   I am trying to access a website that requires 2 factor authentication via email.   The verification code expires 10 minutes after it is requested.  I requested a verification code and been waiting for an hour and have still not received an email from the website with the verification code.  This is beyond frustrating.  I don't want to create a  non-cox email address just to get two factor authentication emails plus I need to be able to log into my account to change the email address used for for the website I'm trying to access.  HELP!


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    Thank you for taking the time to post in the Cox Forums about the email delay you are experiencing. I know how important being able to successfully authenticate using 2 factor authentication is. I was able to find that we are working with you via our Facebook page. We will continue to assist you there as needed so I am going to lock this thread.