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5 years ago

No sound using Contour on some channels

In using Contour on my iPad and iPhone, I can't get a full screen shot with sound.  The picture is good, but the sound cuts out after about 8 seconds.

If I minimize the screen size, the sound returns.  Random channels have the problem, but the one I watch most is NBC.

I've talked to 3 COX tech support people with no resolution.

This started about 14 hours ago.

Please help!

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  • Hello Barbara. Please reinstall the app and see if that helps. Also, what is the model of the iPad and iPhone. Lastly, what IOS are you currently running? Thanks. -Allan Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      I was having the same issue. I changed the"Language Settings" "Audio Options" from English to Spanish and then back to English and got sound. Weird but it worked!