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7 years ago

no remote control

Hi.  I had a lot of stuff stolen last week.  Luckily I kept all my new cox hardware but my remote control.  

Unfortunately there are no channel switchers on the box, and I read in this forum you can change your main box to what you are watching in contour app, but I can't find that option.

I see in several places in forum there are plans to implement the ability to change channels from elsewhere on network or in an app, but I have seen that from as far back as 2014.  

I am a little surprised as there were a ton of third party apps on directv to act as a substitute remote from an app.

I am guessing I'll just have to see if I can get another remote control billed to my account.  Till then, or unless you guys have any suggestions, no tv for me.

Someday, soon :)  Oh wait I can watch on phone.  So there's that.